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We are helping major organizations retain top talent to create digital hubs from scratch, accelerated monetization strategies, create B2B/B2C platforms, refactor their content backends, implement AI, utilize best digital data and business strategies to say the least.


Our talented consultants & leaders are helping top employers design & develop products, solutions, and platforms; actively helping get from POC to MVP stage, do full scale rollouts, and see them through successful growth of innovations in IT.


Our talent is helping employers with major business and technology transformation projects be it major M&A initiatives, OCM, business transformation, microservices architecture across all processes, or major ERP implementations.

Introducing Flex Digital

By focusing on retaining top talent in the digital & technology sector and data-driven recruiting, we are helping our clients ensure business process and outcomes are fortified.

Flex Digital values customer satisfaction the most. Using the lean approach, we are creating order, by continuously developing and providing tools to test our vision. It's not just staffing as usual; Flex Digital makes the availability of our resources meaningful for our customers. A perfect staffing experience delivered using technology.

Services we offer

On-Demand Consultants

Consolidate your hiring processes, respond to variable business conditions, and ensure you have access to a readily available, highly skilled and fully vetted talent pool.

Project Staffing

We staff long-term and short-term consulting projects coast to coast; projects that call for any technology and business professionals ranging from strategy to tactical talent in the trenches.

Leadership Search

We create search strategies to ensure hiring decisions are linked to business priorities; a focus on key talent management in line with specific competencies and organizational imperatives.

Direct Placement

We have extensive experience partnering with clients to identify, engage and attract superior candidates, matching their backgrounds and styles to your requirements, particularly culture and fit.

Payroll Placement

Reduce risk, save money, and add flexibility using our payroll placement service. Ditch the added expenses of hiring, convert your fixed costs to the variable costs of using a flexible workforce.

Sourcing as a Service

Service delivery at its finest. You're ready to review video job applications. This content is created by us about our talent. Hold your phone up and see what you discover about our talent.









Our Approach

Flex team has the innate ability to identify and deliver only the best talent for your needs.

360 Intake

Our 360 Intake mindsets is one-of-a-kind approach that conducts a comprehensive Pre-Search Analysis. Our holistic and laser focused approach to discovery includes stakeholders and staff of the preferred profile to ensure the real and needed skills required to succeed in the role are achieved.

Research & Showcase

Our research strategy is uniquely crafted to every candidate search and what sets us apart. We cater to the immediate and long-term goals to help build dream teams. Flex’s expansive network of technology and business experts are utilized to showcase only the top, fully-screened and committed talent for client consideration.

Consulting Capabilities

We take pride in providing expert advice on: how to optimize contract hiring process, proven value on creating better metrics for contract hires and leadership searches and ensuring projects are delivered on time. Team Flex is uniquely experienced in advising hiring committees across all levels of organizations.

Background Discovery

Here at Flex we ensure diligence and care for our clients through thorough candidate background checks before extending an offer. By maintaining this high standard, our strategic partnerships in this area allow us to retain the best talent.

Meaningful Retention

Our top priority is increasing retention rate for clients. At Flex, it is our constitution to achieve the best outcomes and possibilities and change the face of recruiting, one hire at a time.

Our Clients

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