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Flex On-Demand Consultants is a full-service staffing organization. We are focused on providing strategic and tactical Technology and Finance recruitment services of contingency staffing, contract staffing, and executive recruitment to our clients.

Finding the right person for your business is a crucial decision that hinges on the way you search, select, interview, and hire potential applicants. We add value to your business by helping you find the right talent in Technology and Finance sectors.

Flex offers frictionless staffing experience that is designed to make your hiring decisions easier and faster. We go beyond just providing the top talent for your business needs; we are viewed as and extension of our clients' teams.

Contingency Search

People are the essence of every business. The right person in the right role can do extraordinary things to help your business grow. We are experts at attracting top talent and maintaining your employer brand.

How do we do this better?

  • Our recruiters are highly trained in target recruitment. We see this approach is well liked by our clients.
  • 100% guarantee on all our hires and only pay when you hire.
  • We operate truly as an extension of your HR department. We showcase only the top talent for your review.
  • We assign a recruiter dedicated to your fulltime staffing need. We present only our top 3-5 choices.

Project Talent

Our contract staffing services enables employers to consolidate their hiring processes, respond to variable business conditions, and ensure they have access to a readily available, highly skilled talent pool.

How do we do this better?

  • We give you the option to hire the contractor as a permanent employee at no cost.
  • Rest assured that your company has Industry-leading $20MM in Comprehensive Insurance coverage
  • We pay our contractors by direct deposit every week without waiting for clients to pay us.
  • Our proven worker classification program ensures government compliance is met for WSIB

Flex Online Platform

Our online staffing service allows you to post your requirements for free, pick your own fees per position, review hand picked talent by our recruiters, manage the interview process, extend offers, and manage your contractors.

How can this benefit you?

  • Use our online service to pick your own fees. 100% guarantee on all fulltime placements.
  • Fully interviewed candidates are hand-picked based on your requirements by our recruiters.
  • Make digital payments safely and securely via our digital invoices or credit card.
  • Digital records keeping of all contractor data; compliance documents, timesheets, and invoices.

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  • IT Executive & Management
  • PMO Project Management
  • Software Development
  • Data Science and AI
  • Digital & eCommerce
  • Security & Risk
  • Technology Sales
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Telecom & Communications


  • Financial Analysis
  • Business Analysis
  • Systems Accounting
  • Payroll Implementation
  • Fund Accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Internal & External Audit
  • Risk Analytics

Our specializations

At Flex On-Demand Consultants we see the way that technology is changing the nature and construct of the organizational workforce.

That’s why we believe that niche technology knowledge coupled with deep market awareness and proven candidate engagement strategies are a must for growth in today’s climate.

We recruit for jobs at all levels in IT and finance space covering clients in Financial Services, Retail, Health-Care, Professional Services, Technology, and Manufacturing sectors.


Flex On-Demand Consultant team has the innate ability to identify only the best candidate for the job. We have demonstrated aptitude in service delivery in E-commerce, Data Science, ERP, Automation, Digital, Executive Search space among others. Flex team is very flexible and presents customers only with the highest caliber of candidates. Flex’s pre-screening process is extremely thorough. We helps make a grueling process painless and efficient for your teams.

  • 1


    Flex team conducts a comprehensive Pre-Search Analysis including a consultation of stakeholders and staff on the preferred profile and helps identify the real skills required to succeed in the role.

  • 2

    Network & Showcase

    Flex Team has an impressive network in the technology and business field that we tap into. We carefully enagage the best talent for your hiring needs by going the extra mile - passive or active. We showcase only the top, fully screened, and commited talent for your consideration.

  • 3

    Consulting Capabilities

    Flex team has an extensive experience in working with and advising selection committees across the technology and business sector at all levels of organizations.

  • 4

    Background Check

    Flex teams conducts a thorough, detailed background verification, before extending an offer, which is the most important element of due diligence.


  1. On Time Payroll: Our payroll is done on a weekly cycle and our contract resources are managed through a large managed service vendor. Whether our bill is paid by the client, we pay our contract resource.
  2. Free expense management: We also administer expenses for our contract resources and they are paid to our contractors upon sign-off from the client.
  3. Contracts: Our contract agreements are managed thoroughly by our compliance department and kept in electronic files for records management purpose.
  4. Time-sheets and invoicing: We have an online time-sheet portal that is readily available for the contractor to provide their time-sheets and for the clients to approve.
  5. Dedicated Flex Team: A dedicated Flex team works with the consultants that includes an Account Manager, a Recruiter, and Contractor Payroll Team for any issues that may arise.

Cost savings

Our expert recruiters understand key market variables and have deep understanding of what is the market rates for professionals ensuring our clients do not overpay.

Our Staffing Consultants have adhered to the principals of competitive pricing throughout their careers and are experts at negotiating fair and attractive rates for our clients.