Press Release

What is is an online service offered by Flex On-Demand Consultants focused on changing the world one great hire at a time.

"It may sound like a bold statement. After successfully contributing to the staffing industry for over 10 years, I have noticed that employers pick quality over savings," says Managing Director of Flex On-Demand Consultants, Sam Patel.

According to Sam, “This is where a tenured and skilled recruiter creates value for you; finding quality resources. This can be consistently achieved through diligent evaluation with employers and candidates, which too requires skills to find the right matches. Confluence of 3rd party managed services providers and disruptive technology tools are undermining utility created by recruiters, who create the real value for your buck. To develop a better way for requirements gathering and service delivery became my driving passion.” is unique in that it leverages technology to rapidly find the best fit skills but leaves the in-depth qualifying to experienced recruiters. As Mike McFarthing, co-founder and Product Consultant says, “You can't see people’s personality, culture fit or their soft skills through a resume or their social media profiles. This takes skilled interviewing and thorough background checks to understand who can be retained successfully."

The foundation of is to provide quality service in delivering only the top talent. "We are achieving this and adding value to our customers by providing flexible business terms to engage our services. We also recognize that not all job searches are equal. Why should the premium not flex as well? With our service you get to select fees that you pay per position and save on volume hires with this online service offered by our firm," Sam succinctly puts it, “We are committed to taking the frustration out of your next hire.”